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Bathmate: The Dumbbells of Your Manhood

There are a number of methods on how to increase the size of the penis. Men can go under the knife, pop pills, or invest on a device. Of course, each of these has its own advantage and disadvantages, but not all can offer complete satisfaction. And unfortunately, some could even end in regrettable irreversible results. But there is one penis enlargement device that has been surpassing all expectations — Bathmate!

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Bathmate has been gaining popularity recently, so you may have already heard of it and how it works. It’s a device that uses pressure to force the penis to gradually and safely expand and lengthen. It works by training the erectile tissue, Corpora Cavernosa, to allow more blood into its vessels. Of course, the fuller the vessels, and with its maximum continually stretched, the penis increases in size. Think of it as like an exercise machine for your manhood.

This could just be another penis enlargement pump as you may think it is, but it’s not. It’s actually unfair to put regular pumps in line with Bathmate because they don’t entirely work the same. Regular pumps use air to pressurize the cylinder. Because of this, they come with an external device to — well — pump air inside the cylinder. Bathmate, on the other hand, uses water. And with the help of its ingeniously designed and patented hydraulic technology, it doesn’t need to have nozzles and pumps dangling on the other end.

But of course, the differences on how they work aren’t the main point here; it’s how effective the pumps are at increasing the size of your pride and glory. Although both pumps work around the same concept of increasing the blood capacity of erectile tissues, regular penis pumps come with higher risks. The number one enemy here is Peyronie’s Disease, and this develops if the device is not properly used. If you must know, men with this condition have penises that severely, and sometimes, painfully bend when fully erect. Sex is still possible, but can be uncomfortable.

The second enemy is penis deformation. Substandard pumps can cause the upper shaft to enlarge, but leave the base thin — and you don’t want to scare girls off with something that looks like Quasimodo.

The third and most usual problem with regular pumps is bursting vessels. Do you remember that lip challenge that took teenagers by storm half a year ago? Girls would place water glasses over their mouths then suck the air to create a vacuum. Blood will then rush to their lips, and make it look fuller – that’s exactly how penis pumps work. Now, do you remember why it was stopped? Because some girls took it too far, their lips had actually burst. And the same could happen to your penis, especially if air pumps are used beyond your limits.

Who wouldn’t get scared off by all these risks?

These scenarios, as tested and proven by many users, are far from happening with the Bathmate. First off, the entire length of your mighty sword is snugly encased by the device — from the base to the head — and this will give that nice, even gain in girth size. Second, Bathmate won’t injure your penis by blowing up blood vessels. Its patented hydraulic technology regulates the pressure inside — a safety feature every other penis pump isn’t equipped with. It will let users know the pressure’s enough by locking its function to pump water out. And the water that goes with the penis inside the device will help cushion your baby so it isn’t too much pressured to grow. Third, the comfort pad of the Bathmate is roughly a centimeter thick, while the regular ones are only 1 to 2 mm. This means the hydropump will stay in place. Users are less prone to accidentally bending their shaft the wrong way — a simple situation that could result to Peyronie’s Disease.

To reach the desired length, Bathmate should be used at least 15 minutes (and not beyond 20 minutes) a day, every day. There will be a noticeable increase in size after every use, but just like with the lip trick, it will shrink back once released from pressure. There’s no need to worry and rush, though. The important thing here is, the max capacity of the blood vessels in the erectile tissues is increased little by little. Besides, like how every hot, steamy night starts, everything must be done slowly, but progressively.

After a few weeks of using Bathmate, the enlargement of the penis will be nothing short of massive. Erections will not only display big penises; they will last longer too.

This isn’t the cheapest penis enlargement device, but Bathmate is certainly one of the most effective. So, if you want to achieve total manliness, it’s not leg day you don’t want to skip; it’s penis day.

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