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Penomet: Man’s New Best Friend?

Are you experiencing low self-confidence because of your penis size? Do you often reject dates or are in fear of going into one because of it? Well fear no more! Meet man’s new best friend, Penomet!

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It is a one of a kind revolutionary penis enlargement product that makes use of water and air pressure to enlarge your organ in just 15 minutes! With just a few simple steps, the device is ready for your use.

Penomet is a simple device. It only has a main cylinder and five gaiters of varying sizes. It has no moving parts. The Penomet is made from world-class quality materials. Its main cylinder is made from polycarbonate plastics. Polycarbonate plastic is one of the strongest and sturdiest plastic ever made by man. Currently, the same material is used in making electronic components and construction materials. The gaiters, on the other hand, are made from medical grade silicon.

Penomet Discount Code ~ Review

Aside from increasing the size and girth of your penis, the Penomet also has the following benefits:

  • Decrease and prevent impotence
  • Decrease and prevent premature ejaculation

Is There a Penomet Discount Code?

Nop! However … CLICK HERE to Visit the Official Penomet Website as they often run limited time special offers such as free shipping and more!

How Penomet Works

Penomet combines air and water pressure.  Most penis enlargement products would only use air pressure, which would result into uneven enlargement. Penomet uses water to make sure that the pressure is even on all sides. As water is pumped into the cylinder, the penis is pulled back and lengthened.

How to Use the Penomet

Penis enlargement products are a bit intimidating at first – all the parts you have to connect and assemble. However, with Penomet, all you have to do is follow these six steps and you are good to go.

  • The product has several gaiters you can choose from. However, manufacturers suggest that you use the purple 60 gaiter or the one with the lowest pressure setting.
  • After choosing which gaiter to use, you can now attach it to the main Penomet cylinder.
  • You are now ready to apply the Penomet over your penis. You may use it while in the shower, bath or on its own. Gently pump the product a few times until a vacuum seal is created.
  • Patience is a virtue, as they say! Relax and repeatedly pump Penomet every few minutes. Do this for around 15 to 20 minutes.
  • When you are done, release pressure by pressing the valve at the end of the device. You can also simply remove the device from your penis.
  • Continued use of the Penomet will result into a larger and longer penis. As you progress, try using the other gaiters for stronger pressure.

 Benefits and Drawbacks of Penomet

  • Reverse the effects of Peyronie’s disease. Peyronie’s disease or curved erection is caused by the development of fibrous scar tissues inside the penis. It is not a cause for concern. However, it causes sex to be a troublesome deed for a man. Erections are hard and painful to maintain because of Peyronie’s disease.
  • Increased sexual endurance. Who wouldn’t want to increase their sexual endurance? With the use of Penomet, you and your partner could enjoy some extra time in bed.
  • Easy to clean. Aside from the scientific benefits, Penomet also has other practical advantages over the other penis enlargement products in the market. As easy as it is to use, so is it easy to clean. After using it, you can just pop the Penomet into the dishwasher and that’s it.
  • Safe and proven. Penomet is safe and scientifically proven. The device underwent two years of real life testing. Most of its users have spoken highly of it. One of its users said that he owns two penis pumps – Penomet and the leading brand – and found that Penomet is better. It is comfortable and doesn’t lose pressure quickly. It also doesn’t leak water. Furthermore, he said that he would choose Penomet over the leading brand.

Penomet Testimonials

Most people are afraid that pumps like the Penomet would result to tissue damage. The Penomet is made safer because of the gaiters. The gaiters ensure that one could control the pressure of the pump.

In fact, Penomet has been certified by several organizations such as: ISO Certification, SGS Certification and CE Marking (awarded by the European Union). It has also received numerous commendations worldwide. It has been dubbed as the Best New Product of 2013 and Jury Award of 2014 by the Venus Award. It also received the Sign Award Best Male Enhancement Award of 2013.

However, Penomet also has a few drawbacks.

  • Price. The Penomet is a bit expensive. However, you are given a lifetime warranty for the gaiters. You can also avail of its 60-day money back guarantee just in case you are not completely satisfied with the product.
  • Needs continued use. Although results are visible within 15 minutes of use, you would need to use the device continuously to achieve more permanent results.

Nevertheless, testimonials of the users say that with continued use, they were able to gain an average of one to three inches in length and thirty percent in girth.

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Save yourself from the agony of drinking numerous pills and pain from the use of air pumps. Penomet is the future of penis enlargement products. With Penomet, you can not only increase your penis in length and girth,  you also reduce the chances of premature ejaculation, Peyronie’s disease and impotence.

Boost your self-confidence with Penomet! In just a few minutes, say hello to a bigger you!

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