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How does it work, you ask? The moment you purchase a VigRX Plus product it will come with a coupon code. You can use this coupon code (VPLUS10) on your next transaction and it will automatically deduct 10% off of your bill (4 months supply or more), not convinced? Visit this official page and see how it works.

First, click the product you want to buy and select the number amount you want delivered to you. After indicating the amount of your item proceed to checkout or continue to shop for more. Your chosen product will come with a VigRX Plus discount code that you can use for the next purchase.

Once you’ve selected the checkout button you’ll be directed to a page asking for a “Discount Code” where you can use your special VigRX Plus promo code. Simply highlight the code, right-click, select “Copy” and then paste that on the empty box. Click ‘Apply’ and your coupon code will be accepted. You’ll then be able to see the exact bill due for payment, including the shipping fee (none if you order 3-month supply or more in the US), only this time it can be up to 10% less than the original, price. All of this is thanks to’s coupon code system!

Fill in your shipping details and choose where you want your product sent; to your office? School or work? Just indicate where and we will get your package to you.

Sealing the deal is also easy because you can pay through our convenient system. Choose from either credit card payment or Paypal transfer. Either way we can validate on the same day and have your item shipped the next day, unlabeled, for privacy purposes.

See how much you can save by buying VigRX Plus products through our coupon code system?

Imagine how much you can save if you buy more than one item. That means an average of 10% discount for each product. We assure you, the more you buy from us the less you’ll actually spend and shopping won’t be as expensive as you’d expect anymore.

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We guarantee that you will not find shopping for VigRX Plus products a dull and definitely far from a rip-off.

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