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What Is Niacin Max?

Athletes are the kind of people who push their boundaries in order to achieve their goals. They would practice day in and day out to set a new personal running or swimming record. They would push their bodies to the limit in order to lift weights heavier than what their bodies are used to.

Because of this, an athlete’s body is more likely to be tired, strained, and injured.  They will have to eat more protein in order to bulk up faster or take in lean foods in order to eliminate fat. They also need to rest a lot in order to recover from all the strain that they subject their bodies to. For some athletes, their bodies are not able to completely regain strength even after taking a long rest and recovery period. These are the athletes who need Niacin Max the most.

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This is a health supplement containing niacin. Niacin is part of the B-complex vitamin group and is used to prevent cardiovascular diseases. In the case of this supplement, the formulation intends to help athletes perform better and speed up their recovery time. The top three benefits of this supplement are as follows:

  1. Increases HGH or Human Growth Hormone effectively up to 600%
  2. Increases the red blood cell production
  3. Improves oxygen flow to the brain and the rest of the body

How Does Niacin Max Work?

This is a supplement that provides 75mg of pure niacin into the body. The niacin helps increases the red blood cell production in the body. Red blood cells travel in the blood stream to deliver oxygen all over the body. The more red blood cells you have, the more oxygen can be delivered to the different parts of the body. When oxygen delivery is optimized, your body performs better at sports. You will feel more energized and raring to do more than usual. You will feel like you can run faster, swim more laps, and lift heavier weights.

Optimized oxygen delivery all over the body also means optimized oxygen delivery to the brain. When the brain gets enough oxygen, a person becomes better able to focus and concentrate on what he is doing. For athletes, it is very important to focus on their targets and goals in order to reach them.  This niacin supplement optimizes the oxygen delivery to the brain so that the people taking it can focus and make faster decisions when they need it the most. Niacin Max also helps people respond faster to stimuli and think better while on their feet.

This niacin supplement also increases the levels of Human Growth Hormone or HGH in the body. This hormone boosts recovery time, promotes fat burning, and muscle growth. For athletes, this can mean that they do not need to rest longer just to recover from muscle strain and injuries. This also allows them to build their ideal physique faster.

How Do You Take This Supplement?

Unlike other supplements, this niacin supplement does not come in a pill or tablet form. It takes on the form of a thin paper-like strip that dissolves in your mouth like candy. It comes in a pleasant citrus flavour which does not have any after taste.

To take this niacin supplement, simply take 1 strip in the morning on an empty stomach. Place the strip under your tongue and feel it dissolve in your mouth. This process is called a dissolving delivery system. Niacin Max applies this kind of absorption process in order to bypass the digestion process that happens to most pills when they are taken in orally. When a pill goes through the digestion process portions of the pill’s dosage are destroyed by digestion. You are left with less dosage than what you thought you are getting. With the niacin supplement featured here, you get the entire dose of niacin delivered directly to your cells.

You may also opt to take another strip of this niacin supplement 3-4 hours before bedtime in order to maximize its effect as you sleep. When you sleep, your body repairs and rebuilds any body part that has been strained or broken. This includes muscles that you used to the breaking point earlier in the day during your workout. Taking this niacin supplement can help the body heal and recover faster during sleep so that you are ready to take on another challenging workout when you wake up.


Some people say that the dosage of this niacin supplement is less than normal dosage provided by other health supplements. That, in part, is true because each strip of Niacin Max contains only 75mg of niacin. But unlike other brands, this niacin supplement delivers the entire 75mg into your cells directly. Other supplements may say that they give you 100mg of niacin but during the digestion process almost half of this dose gets destroyed, giving you a lot less than 75mg per pill.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There is very little evidence that would suggest that users of this supplement encountered any sort of severe side effects while taking it. Most users only reported feeling more energized and better than ever. If you feel like you have any allergies to niacin or the ingredients contained in this supplement, consult your doctor before taking it. If you are taking other medications, you should also contact your doctor to see if taking this supplement would not be a problem.

How Do I Buy Niacin Max?

This supplement’s popularity has made it a target for opportunist to try and copy it and make money out of it. Beware of these fake versions of this product. Genuine Niacin Max products should only be bought from the official product website and nowhere else. You might be tempted to buy elsewhere because they sell it at a cheaper price.

The savings that you get from buying cheap versions of this niacin supplement could double or triple when you end up in the hospital for improper dosage. Ingredients contained in fake versions of this supplement are also questionable and could end up making you sick or poisoning your blood. Buy only from the official product website to ensure that you get only the real thing.

Niacin Max Coupons and/or Deals

There are currently no offers for Niacin Max coupons or discounts for this product. But when you head on over to the official website, you will see that they offer freebies when you buy more. Buy 60 strips of this niacin supplement and you can get another 30 strips for free. Buy 90 strips and you’ll get another 60 strips absolutely free. Delivery is also free. You will be able to get your order delivered directly to your address in no time at all. Check out on Rebornt another amazing supplement: Crazy Bulk. If you are lucky, you may uncover a Crazy Bulk coupon code on the official site.


Better athletic performance stems from improved bodily functions. These can be done by taking Niacin Max. This product is revolutionary and effective in helping increase red blood cell production and HGH levels as well as in improving the oxygen delivery to the brain. Try it and improve your game today.

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